Kayla Golby

Kayla Golby

Kayla Golby, the next generation at Tracy’s Karate in St. Louis, began training when she was six years old. She studies under her instructor and father, Dan Golby, son of Grand Master, Tim Golby.

Kayla teaches Saturday Kids Group Class.

As a sixteen year-old, karate has helped Kayla feel confidence with anything, not just self-defense, and for that reason, she teaches her students to come out of their shells and feel confident with protecting themselves as she did at their age.

Every employee at Tracy’s Karate treats each other as family. Kayla loves that she can talk to them knowing they want to help her achieve her goals and help overcome the obstacles in life.

“I hope that the kids that walk into this studio understand that every single one of these instructors’ goals is to make their students feel safe. I especially love teaching kids because they can relate closer to me than other instructors and tell me personal things. I know that they trust me and it makes me know I’m connecting with them.”

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