Dan Golby

Dan Golby

Godan – 5th Degree Black Belt

Dan Golby is a 5th Degree Black Belt and Master Instructor at Tracy’s Karate Studio. As Tim Golby’s son, Dan has been a part of the Tracy’s family quite literally since birth. From taking his first steps at the studio to spending his entire adult life teaching people every day how to defend themselves and be more confident, Dan has been at home at Tracy’s.

Dan is committed first and foremost to improving the lives of all his students by instilling in them the confidence, skills and knowledge necessary for defending themselves in all situations. Teaching self-defense to men, women and children is what Dan has devoted his life to, and for which he has a unique talent.

In addition to teaching, Dan also loves American Sport Karate, and that interest has propelled him to become a Midwest Champion in both heavy and middleweight Black Belt sparring for several years. Dan was 1st Place in both the Midwest Martial Arts Association and the United Karate Alliance. In addition to personal knowledge and success in competition, Dan has trained and takes great pride in the many students who have gone on to become Champions in their own right around the Midwest.

The Tracy’s family tradition continues through Dan and now includes his daughter Kayla, who is also instructing at the studio. Dan is very proud of Kayla and her talent and success.

“There are many aspects to the martial arts, but the most important one to me is the self-confidence and the knowledge to be safe and to know you are safe. Whether you are a man with his family at a ball game, a woman walking alone, or a kid at school, Tracy’s Karate can – and will – teach you to defend yourself!” – Dan Golby

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