Dave daSilva

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Dave daSilva
Godan 5th Degree Black Belt

Dave daSilva’s family emigrated from Brazil, and Dave was raised, the youngest of 8 children, here in St. Louis. His German/Portuguese accent and cultural differences set him slightly apart from other kids, and he turned to martial to help gain confidence.  He began at age 8 in Judo, and then began Kenpo at 10.  He earned his Black Belt at Tracy’s under master instructor Sid Gee in 1992.  He has been awarded the Checkered gi. An accomplished tournament fighter and karate teacher for 20 years, Dave also has a degree in Graphic Design, and he is a cardiac nurse at Barnes Jewish Hospital. 

Dave is keenly aware of students’ individual needs.  He enjoys teaching all ages, but takes a special interest in the young students who may be facing bullying at school.  He shares a story of a father, who was at first reluctant and uncertain about his young son taking karate, who came to Dave on his son’s 18th birthday and said, “You changed the life of my son, and I can never repay you.” 

Yet Dave will tell you that it is this experience and others like it that has changed his life. What you will learn quickly about Dave is his philosophical outlook on his life and his work.

            “Karate has balanced out my personality and given me the chance to see the positive influence I can have on people.  It has helped me through the rough parts of my life and taught me to adjust. I have a better understanding of people and I am a better nurse because of it.
            Karate has brought peace to me, and it [Tracy’s] is family.”