Dan Golby

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Dan Golby
Godan 5th Degree Black Belt

Dan Golby, son of Tim Golby, took his first steps at the Tracy’s studio in Kirkwood, and his footprints have grown in size and in stature each year since.  From his youngest days enthralled by such super heroes as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this true “Karate Kid” developed into one of the highest ranked karate fighters in the Midwest.  He has studied under Master instructors Sid Gee and Dave Hofer, and he has earned the Checkered Gi. Dan has won the Hofer Classic twice, was MMA Heavyweight champion several years running, and UKA Middleweight champion in 2009 and 2010, and is currently rated #1 in 2011. 

Dan never doubted that he would find his life work in martial arts.  Dan began teaching fulltime in 2000, and has produced many of the top fighters in St. Louis.  But tournament results, his or those of his students, don’t tell the entire story of Dan’s passion for karate. 

            “My real passion is in showing someone how to be more confident and safe, whether that be a child in school, a young woman going away to college or an adult taking his or her family to a ballgame.”

Dan and his wife Danielle enjoy spending time working on their new home, rock climbing, and watching their two daughters grow.  Daughter Kayla has her purple belt. 
Dan is now stepping into the leadership position as head instructor at the Chesterfield Tracy’s school, and he is looking forward to leaving his footprints on the Golby legacy of martial arts excellence for another 40 years.