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Aimee Roddy
Yodan 4th Degree Black Belt

While on a trip to Mexico, Aimee Roddy was robbed at gunpoint.  After researching self-defense studios, she began training at Tracy’s Karate Studio.  The private lessons offered there were just what she needed, and now, 20 years later, she describes the studio as her second family.

Not everyone comes to the art of karate as a result of such a dramatic event, but Aimee recognizes that each student has a specific reason or need for making that first connection. And for Aimee, that is what makes her job meaningful and rewarding. 

An accomplished tournament competitor, she was awarded the prestigious Checkered Gi, worn only by top fighters in the Tracy’s organization, in 2000.  Teaching, however, has become her main focus.  Aimee feels that while she successfully teaches all age groups, her niche is with the teenagers, many of whom are struggling with self-confidence.  “I kind of understand them and have a strong pull toward them,” she says. 

Aimee also works with students with disabilities. She recognizes their particular need for acceptance and development of self-confidence.  One of her students had a learning disability, lacked confidence and struggled in school, academically and socially.  That student earned a Brown Belt, and began participating in team sports, and is, in Aimee’s words, “just a good young man.”  And, she adds, “That’s what this place does – because they are just good people.”

Aimee plans to broaden her training and knowledge and to complete another Black Belt project and test to “inspire myself and my students.”  In addition to her work at Tracy’s, Aimee is a registered nurse at an area hospital.

            “Everyone needs to know how powerful they are within themselves and not be limited by disabilities or inabilities.  They need to celebrate the immense untapped resources within themselves.”