Tim Golby recieves his 10th Degree Black Belt

June 29th 2013 Tim Golby head instructor and owner of Tracy’s Karate in Kirkwood, MO was promoted to Judan 10th Degree Black Belt. 
In a special ceremony in Chicago at the largest event of Kenpo stylist The Gathering of Eagles, Grandmaster Al Tracy presented to Mr. Golby his certificate for Judan – 10th Degree Black Belt.

10th Degree Black Belt is the highest rank attainable in the martial arts.  There is only a small handful of 10th Degree Black Belts in the United States.

Tim Golby started his Martial Art training in 1969 while attending Kenrick Seminary.

He was one of the original students at the Kirkwood Studio. During this period Tim left the seminary and later became an instructor. The list of instructors whom Tim trained under reads like a list of who’s who in the Martial Arts. The major influences on Tim’s Martial Arts are Al Tracy, Joe Lewis, Rodney Hard and Ken McGuire (his original teacher).

Tim’s Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) was awarded to him by Joe Lewis. Joe Lewis developed a fighting system based on his training with Bruce Lee. Joe Lewis personally trained Tim teaching him the fighting principles that would later produce nationally ranked fighters under Mr. Golby. Mr. Lewis also awarded Tim the checkered gi. (The checkered gi was made famous by Joe Lewis is the highest honor a fighter can receive in the Tracy System.)

The Kirkwood Tracy’s has become a landmark in the Kirkwood Area.  The studio’s big yellow sign on Manchester Road has been there since 1969.  Hundreds and hundreds of students have trained under Mr. Golby over the years.  Tim has also trained many local celebrities including professional football players from the St. Louis Football Cardinals and the Rams.
Tim has also trained one of the top full contact fighters from the Netherlands and has made several trips to the Netherlands on seminar tours.

Tim Golby

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